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AL BILAD GROUP Company was established in Lebanon in 2000 under the management of Mr. Tarek Sabeh, which grows thanks to the confidence of customers and satisfaction. It is of the leading companies in the region in the field of shipping, customs clearance, air-ocean-land freight, storage and other related activities.


Through a wide network of agents and strong shipping-lines relationships, the company provides all customers’ needs from rapid logistical solutions for all stages of the transport of goods, and follow-up precisely the shipment from the country of origin to its destination 24/24-hours  7 days/ week. Since our goal is always gaining customer’s confidence & satisfaction.


OUR MOTTO: Smart people choose AL BILAD Best Shipping & Clearing Deal

Key Benefits

·         High accuracy

·         Competitive prices

·         Credit facilities

·         Powerful network of national, regional and local carriers

·         Flexible and adaptable web-based solutions

·         Experienced staff & personalized service

·         Flexible schedules to accommodate you, even overnight and just-in-time delivery options

·         Complete transportation plan analysis to suggest opportunities for additional savings


  Welcome To Albilad Group
Welcome To Albilad Group